When Does Fortnite Season 9 Begin?

The transition between Seasons 7 and 8 was almost seamless, so we can probably expect something similar between Seasons 8 and 9. But the actual Season 9 start date will obviously depend entirely upon when Epic Games decides to end Season 8.

We won’t know the official start date until Epic begins releasing a series of teaser images with accompanying text via Twitter, offering hints about new skins and themes for the next season. These usually begin three or four days before the start date.

People really love the banana outfit in ‘Fortnite’. Perhaps too much.

What Is the Fortnite Season 9 Theme?

Themes in Fortnite are inscrutable at best, and usually take the form of a teaser line. “Darkness rises” in Season 6 led to Fortnitemares. “You better watch out” in Season 7 led to a weird Christmas invasion and the Ice King’s arrival. For Season 8, “‘X’ marks the spot” translated to an all-out war for treasure between pirates, fire-dragon ninjas, and the ice king’s hordes. It’s always a confusing mess and only tangentially related to the current calendar season; fall focused on Halloween and winter on Christmas.

As of this writing, it’s still too early to get a grasp on what Season 8 is really all about, and there’s virtually no way to know how the coming weeks might reshape the Fortnite map to make way for a new theme by May.

We’ll be surprised if this hot volcano doesn’t melt all of the ice.

How Will the Map Change for Fortnite Season 9?

Each season, drastic cosmic or geological events, natural or otherwise, drastically change the geography of the island on which Fortnite: v buck generator Battle Royale is played. Once, a rocket enhanced by an alien ripped holes in space-time that still linger to this day. The aforementioned volcano totally altered the topography of the northeastern area of the island at the start of Season 8. Before that, a giant iceberg crashed into the southwest corner of the island to kick off Season 7, bringing with it a lot of snow.

It’s still very early to make predictions about what Season 9 might hold in terms of map changes, but given how closely the map alterations tend to mirror the real-world seasons, it’s highly likely that all of the snow will melt before the end of Season 8 to make way for a more summery Season 9 theme.

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