updated to tease a new item coming to Fortnite called Buried Treasure

Not many details have been given on this item, and leaks haven’t brought much information to the table. Interestingly enough, the news feed boasts a v bucks free “COMING SOON” tag.

The Treasure Map shows an X for buried treasure placed just south-east of the new Volcano point of interest. Aside from that, players are left to speculate just what the item may entail.


‘X’ Marks The Spot – COMING SOON

Scour the island for hidden loot with the new Buried Treasure item!

While not many assets have been discovered relating to a Treasure Map or a Treasure Hunt, data miners have uncovered a texture file which will be used for the item in-game.


The Item is internally named OldMap but will be called Buried Treasure on the UI which players see. This is likely to have little significance to the actual item.

Other fortnite generator leaked assets have been discovered which indicate that a beacon will be spawned from a Treasure Chest in the map. A beacon can also be seen in the Fortnite Season 8 reveal trailer which was potentially a teaser for the event.

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