Fortnite’s Tilted Towers area has been destroyed at least once per season

Fortnite’s Tilted Towers area has been destroyed at least once per season. Each time the building goes down, it’s gradually pieced back together the next season only for some other calamity to strike.

Rockets, magical cubes, and now an earthquake have all demolished the poor building at one point or another. Cracks have been spreading across Fortnite’s map for the past couple of weeks as earthquakes shake things up in the battle royale game.

All of this is culminating in the start of Season 8, with pirates and fire dragons and volcanoes and lord knows what else may wreak havoc across the game’s map.v buck generator The first major casualty of this tectonic activity is the unlucky building.

You can watch footage of the building’s destruction here courtesy of reddit user u/Merytz (and from whence the screenshot at the top of this post was grabbed.) Whether we’ll see more random acts of destruction before downtime starts early tomorrow morning remains to be seen. I think it’s likely this was the cherry on top before the real fun starts tomorrow.

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