Fortnite Creative began at the beginning of December

The Block in Fortnite Creative will receive ten 2,000 V-Buck codes to share with their friends.

In addition, all past Fortnite free v bucks generator players who have had their designs chosen for the Islands or The Block will also get the award.

That’s 20,000 V-Bucks, the most generous drop of V-Bucks directly from Epic that I can remember.

It is not clear whether the V-Bucks can stack or if they have to go to different accounts. With the nature of the ShareTheLove event, the goal is probably to get them to spread out but that would be tough to enforce

So how many people are receiving this award? Featured Islands are a bit sporadic but usually, there are 3-5 of these islands that are featured at any one time.

They don’t change as often as The Block but now that the Overtime challenges are making use of the Featured Islands they went through a lot of changes recently.

Fortnite Creative began at the beginning of December so for the sake of math let’s say there have been ten Featured Islands although I think that number is higher.

The Block is easier to navigate. It changes about once every one-two weeks and the first one came down at the beginning of December. That means that again there have been about ten different blocks.

All in all, that means that Epic will be awarding 400,000 V-Bucks in just the past winners, not even including the new choices who get picked during ShareTheLove.

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