A dig site has appeared in the southeast corner of the map in fortnite

A dig site has appeared in the southeast corner of the map. Players are working together to find out what’s at the bottom.

Those of you who have logged into Fortnite today may have noticed the new dig site in the southeast portion of the map near Paradise Palms.

A lot of people have been speculating about the secret plot of Season 8. Does it have something to do with the volcano? Does the helicopter moving around the map mean something?

Well, it looks like the new dig site might finally lead us somewhere. This is an interactive dig site and allows players to dig to the bottom as they play their games.


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[ICYMI] A digging site has appeared at the location of yesterday’s trucks. Each rock has a unique countdown/health bar (similar to the previous iceberg) #Fortnite3706:30 AM – Mar 28, 201970 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

If you remember, there was a similarly interactive iceberg on the map last season. This didn’t lead to anything cool, but it may have been a test for what we’re seeing v buck generator.

So far, the Fortnite players have unearthed several items from the dig site. The site is almost clear at this point. Players found a dilapidated truck along with some bones and a teddy bear at first. We dug deeper and found a vent, which might lead somewhere.

Get in there and do your part! The dig is almost complete, and it looks like the bottom is going to be much more significant than the iceberg was.

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