Fortnite’s Tilted Towers area has been destroyed at least once per season

Fortnite’s Tilted Towers area has been destroyed at least once per season. Each time the building goes down, it’s gradually pieced back together the next season only for some other calamity to strike. Rockets, magical cubes, and now an earthquake have all demolished the poor building at one point or another. Cracks have been spreading across Fortnite’s map […]

Fortnite The start of a new season always sees a rise in interest

This comes after a peak month in December and points to an increasingly lumpy revenue profile heading into 2019.” It’s currently unclear what caused this dip in performance and how Epic Games can help avoid it again in the months to come. But they weren’t the only ones to see a dip in January, with […]

Apex Legends may be the battle royale game of choice for many,

 Apex Legends impacts gameplay tremendously. Those with high ping can still register shots on low ping players even if they’re behind structures like walls, making for a subpar experience. Thankfully, Apex Legends developer Respawn has made it clear it’s looking to improve stability and performance and we should see these hit future updates of the game. […]

Fortnite Creative began at the beginning of December

The Block in Fortnite Creative will receive ten 2,000 V-Buck codes to share with their friends. In addition, all past Fortnite free v bucks generator players who have had their designs chosen for the Islands or The Block will also get the award. That’s 20,000 V-Bucks, the most generous drop of V-Bucks directly from Epic […]

Epic Games published a security bulletin warning of recent account compromises

British authorities said on Monday that they had received 35 reports of Fortnite-related fraud between April 1 and March 31, with up to $6,800 (£5,120) being stolen in total. Complaints were lodged by dozens of angry parents who discovered their kids had been exploited by the scams. In the majority of cases, players are directed to […]

How to visit the centre of different storm circles in fortnite single match

Man, this challenge is tough! What Fortnite means by the centre of storm circles is, you have to reach the very centre of the play area – or white circle – three times in a single match. Your mind is probably already going crazy at how difficult that will be, as every player will be […]

earning free V-Bucks, from login bonuses to daily quests

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t free V-Bucks to be had in Fortnite — just notice how I only say Fortnite and not Fortnite: Battle Royale. Some people might forget about Fortnite: Save the World, but it’s the original version of Fortnite,  before Epic added the free PvP mode inside of it — it’s a co-op survival RPG where players build ad-hoc forts […]