Epic Games published a security bulletin warning of recent account compromises

British authorities said on Monday that they had received 35 reports of Fortnite-related fraud between April 1 and March 31, with up to $6,800 (£5,120) being stolen in total. Complaints were lodged by dozens of angry parents who discovered their kids had been exploited by the scams.

In the majority of cases, players are directed to follow links spread across social media platforms like Facebook which claim to offer free in-game money, used to purchase cosmetic items for their character. In reality, fraudsters set up “phishing” websites to log personal information and account details.

According to Action Fraud, which revealed the scale of the issue, culprits have asked for phone numbers in return for fake V-Bucks which could then be used to sign the victim up to premium rate subscription services. In other cases, scammers sold access to the stolen Fortnite accounts. On Tuesday, Newsweek found one such site and followed the links to document the short path to fraud.

A quick Google search resulted in multiple websites flogging “100% Safe Free V-Bucks,” some claiming to be working in partnership with the legitimate Fortnite developer, Epic Games. Behind one link, a slick website using Fortnite branding states: “I have V-Bucks to give you! What’s your Username?” Following through the victim is offered three options, for V-Bucks packs of 2,800, 7,500, and 13,500. 


Clicking add, the website claims to be connecting to Epic Games and Fortnite severs but eventually stops for further verification. “To be sure that you are not a bot it’s necessary that you complete a security verification,” a pop-up box states. “After you complete the verification it will be credited 7,500 fortnite v bucks generator in your account.” Continuing on leads to three separate phishing websites.

How to visit the centre of different storm circles in fortnite single match

Man, this challenge is tough! What Fortnite means by the centre of storm circles is, you have to reach the very centre of the play area – or white circle – three times in a single match.

Your mind is probably already going crazy at how difficult that will be, as every player will be scrambling to do the same thing. You’re right, they will be, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you achieve it a little easier.


For starters, provided you’re a Battle Pass holder, the location of the centre of the circle will display on-screen. You’ll see it as a glowing purple marker. Head for that.

Secondly, you can make this challenge easier for you initially by staying on the Battle Bus as long as possible at the beginning of the match, then pulling out your parachute immediately to slow your fall. This should keep you in the air long enough to see where the first storm circle will appear, so you can glide right down to the marker.

Now, wait until the storm circle contracts again. We’d strongly urge you to equip yourself with some free v bucks generator hefty gear from any nearby named location so you stand a fighting chance, but make remaining hidden your number one priority. Don’t stray too far though, for you should be close to where the second circle will appear.

As soon as the second circle appears, make your way over to the centre. Make sure to stay out of sight though. Avoid wide open spaces and stick to trees, buildings, and hills to make it as difficult as possible for opposing players to find you. When you get close to the marker, scout the area for a bit first before getting in there. Once you’ve been to the marker, get the heck out of dodge.

Repeat this step for the third circle and the challenge is complete. Ideally, you just want to avoid other players entirely, and make sure you don’t get caught up in a fight. You can use fights between other players to your advantage though, and rush in while they’re focused on each other.

Finally, it might be worth holding off on this challenge for a couple of weeks, when most of the other players have already completed it. Remember that Battle Pass challenges remain available for the duration of the season, and we’re only in week four of 10 right now.

earning free V-Bucks, from login bonuses to daily quests

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t free V-Bucks to be had in Fortnite — just notice how I only say Fortnite and not Fortnite: Battle Royale. Some people might forget about Fortnite: Save the World, but it’s the original version of Fortnite, 


before Epic added the free PvP mode inside of it — it’s a co-op survival RPG where players build ad-hoc forts to defend against zombie hordes. Save the World and Battle Royale don’t interact much, but they do both share the same premium currency.  So if you want fortnite v bucks glitch no human verification xbox one , that’s where you’ll need to go.

Things get more complicated from there. To start out with, Save the Worldcosts $39.99 on Xbox One, PC and PS4 with occasional deals, so that’s something to be considered if you’re really only buying it for V-Buck farming. That’s about 4,000 V-Bucks that you could get right away, with no grinding. Save the World could potentially get you more V-Bucks than that over the long haul, but you’ll need to work for it. Of course, that’s no problem if you actually want to play the game: in that case, the $39.99 is buying you both an expansive new mode in a popular title where the chance to earn free premium currency is just a bonus.

Once you’re in Save the World there are ample opportunities for earning free V-Bucks, from login bonuses to daily quests, the main quest line and events. V-Buck farming in Save the World is slow going: you only get 50 a day for a daily quest, and 600 for completing an area in the main questline. But you can grind it forward, and there’s even a website called Free the V-Bucks that serves as a guide for anyone using the PvE mode for maximum V-buck farming efficiency. It has all of the min/maxing discussion you might expect out an MMO.