fifth season of the dystopian series Black Mirror was released on Netflix.

This week, the widely-anticipated fifth season of the dystopian series Black Mirror was released on Netflix. The storylines this season are less focused on far-out scenarios and increasingly aligned with current issues. With only three episodes, this season raises more questions than it answers, often leaving audiences bewildered.

The episode Smithereens explores our society’s crippling addiction to social media platforms and the monopoly they hold over our data. In Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, we see the disruptive impact of technologies on the music and entertainment industry, and the price of fame for artists in the Episode Choose Your Story hack digital world. Like most Black Mirror episodes, these explore the sometimes disturbing implications of tech advancements on humanity.

But once again, in the midst of all the doom and gloom, the creators of the series leave us with a glimmer of hope. Aligned with Pride month, the episode Striking Vipers explores the impact of virtual reality on love, relationships, and fluidity.

The first episode of the season, Striking Vipers may be one of the most thought-provoking episodes in Black Mirror history. Reminiscent of previous episodes San Junipero and Hang the DJ, the writers explore the potential for technology to transform human intimacy.

The episode tells the story of two old friends, Danny and Karl, whose friendship is reignited in an unconventional way. Karl unexpectedly appears at Danny’s 38th birthday and reintroduces him to the VR version of a game they used to play years before. In the game Striking Vipers X, each of the players is represented by an avatar of their choice in an uncanny digital reality. Following old tradition, Karl chooses to become the female fighter, Roxanne, and Danny takes on the role of the male fighter, Lance. The state-of-the-art VR headsets appear to use an advanced form of brain-machine interface to allow each player to be fully immersed in the virtual world, emulating all physical sensations.

across all Fortnite servers in similar fashion to the mysterious dig sites that first appeared last month.

We don’t know too much about what Epic Games is planning here, but there now exists a floating, alien-seeming platform outside Fatal Fields that contains a glowing rune, matching the runes that have appeared around the hatch in the northern lake bed. The device, or whatever it is, is slowly moving in the direction of the lake every time it takes a collective 100 million damage, synced across all Fortnite servers in similar fashion to the mysterious dig sites that first appeared last month.

Fortnite News –
Every 100 million damage done to the rune south of Fatal Fields moves it forward. The damage to it is synced across all servers, so it is a player effort to move it.

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9:31 AM – Apr 19, 2019
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Perhaps there will be multiple other runes like it appearing in the coming days and taking their place around the hatch through collective player effort. Some have speculated that the metal hatch or door might not be a gateway at all, but instead the top of a spaceship buried in the ground, which would tie into earlier narrative threads regarding the alien Visitor character.

Image by Nick Statt / The Verge
We don’t have a lot of information about the timeline here. Epic free v bucks generator in the past has built these collective narrative events — like the rocket launch that kicked off this unprecedented style of in-game storytelling — usually around the culmination of its current season, but we’ve seen the developer mix it up in recent months by throwing events in the middle and near the end of a season. It looks like we might see some serious changes to the map occur as soon as next week, which would be the midpoint of season 8, if the rate players are progressing the rune is as fast as it seems.

Epic Games have announced the Fortnite World Cup Finals Ticket Pre-registration is available now.

The Fortnite World Cup is set to take place at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center’s Arthur Ashe Stadium, in New York city. The World cup finals will begin on the 26th July, and end on July 28th.
Fortnite World Cup 2019

The pre-registration for the Fortnite World Cup finals is now available, and in order to do so, players need to visit Ticket Master.
Fortnite World Cup Ticket Master

All ticketed fans who attend the three day World Cup event will receive free V Buck generator and the Season 10 Battle Pass. However, players must be present in order to claim these items.

The World Cup online opens begin this week on April 13th and will finish on June 16th. Each week, Epic will be providing a $1 million prize pool. There’ll be a total of 10 weekly only tournaments.

The total prize pool for the World Cup finals is $30 million, the largest in esports history by an astonishing margin.

If you’d like more information on the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, players can visit Epic’s section of their site dedicated to the upcoming tournmament.

Epic finally confirmed that reboot vans are coming to Fortnite next week

Epic finally confirmed that reboot vans are coming to Fortnite next week, putting an end to players’ speculation. Reboot vans are a new feature, but they’ll seem familiar if you’ve played Apex Legends.

Here’s how they work: Dead squadmates will drop “reboot cards” that any surviving squad member can take to reboot vans, which will be placed in certain locations on the map, to spawn their teammates back into the game. The vans will have a cooldown period, and other players will be able to see that a van is in use and how many players are being respawned at it.

If you’ve played Apex Legends, you might recognize this system. Apex Legends has respawn beacons, which let any teammate respawn downed teammates by bringing a player’s “banner” card to it. Fortnite v buck generator reboot cards seem awfully similar to banners. From footage in the developer video, it looks like reboot cards even have a timer on them, similar to Apex.

The similarities might even go deeper: The developer video advises players to “toss some items to your rebooted teammates to get them back into the battle,” which suggests players drop all of their items on death. In Fortnite modes with respawn, players often keep their items and instead lose some materials when they die. Losing all your items on death is a mechanic that plays a big role in Apex.

Unlike Apex’s respawn beacons, it seems like Fortnite’s reboot vans can be used more than once. Apex also doesn’t alert players to how many teammates are being respawned, and there’s no major indicator that a respawn beacon is in use besides seeing a dropship carrying a respawned player. Knowing where, say, three unarmed players are about to be respawned could be fun information to have in Fortnite if you’re looking to add to your kill count.

This isn’t the first time Fortnite has adopted some of Apex’s best features. Season 8 introduced a ping system that lets players communicate without voice chat, which is a popular system in Apex Legends. While it would be easy to be crass and suggest Fortniteis feeling the pressure of Apex stealing its thunder (and its player base), ping is, frankly, a good idea for a battle royale that makes it a little easier to communicate with your team.

A dig site has appeared in the southeast corner of the map in fortnite

A dig site has appeared in the southeast corner of the map. Players are working together to find out what’s at the bottom.

Those of you who have logged into Fortnite today may have noticed the new dig site in the southeast portion of the map near Paradise Palms.

A lot of people have been speculating about the secret plot of Season 8. Does it have something to do with the volcano? Does the helicopter moving around the map mean something?

Well, it looks like the new dig site might finally lead us somewhere. This is an interactive dig site and allows players to dig to the bottom as they play their games.

Fortnite News |

[ICYMI] A digging site has appeared at the location of yesterday’s trucks. Each rock has a unique countdown/health bar (similar to the previous iceberg) #Fortnite3706:30 AM – Mar 28, 201970 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

If you remember, there was a similarly interactive iceberg on the map last season. This didn’t lead to anything cool, but it may have been a test for what we’re seeing v buck generator.

So far, the Fortnite players have unearthed several items from the dig site. The site is almost clear at this point. Players found a dilapidated truck along with some bones and a teddy bear at first. We dug deeper and found a vent, which might lead somewhere.

Get in there and do your part! The dig is almost complete, and it looks like the bottom is going to be much more significant than the iceberg was.

We don’t yet know when The Floor is Lava is due to release in fortnite

Fortnite will soon gain a new limited-time mode, according to the in-game news feed. The Floor is Lava is coming soon to the battle royale game on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

Not much more is known about the LTM as yet. The mode’s description states, “Get to high ground or build above the lava that’s overtaking the island,” while an attached label says the mode is “coming soon,” but there’s no more clues as to precisely when you’ll be able to play it.

It’s possible the mode will launch with the upcoming v8.20 update. The most recent v buck generator update, v8.11, added the Flint-Knock Pistol, One Shot LTM, and more–here’s hoping the next patch is similarly bountiful.

Fortnite recently hit another huge milestone in player numbers–the game has now amassed over 250 million players in total, with a record concurrent player count of 10.8 million. Elsewhere, Fortnite studio Epic announced at GDC that it’s created a $100 million fund for developers that was made possible thanks to the success of its battle royale phenomenon. What’s more, Epic announced that Quantic Dream’s PlayStation-exclusive titles including Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human are coming to the Epic Games Store this year.

As announced in Fortnite’s v buck generator in-game news feed, The Floor is Lava LTM will require players to “get to high ground or build above the lava that’s overtaking the island”. Judging by the image released alongside it, I have money on it being a duos mode. If everyone ends up on their own little islands, this could become a sniping fest.
I guess it’s a shield volcano.

We don’t yet know when The Floor is Lava is due to release, although it seems likely it will appear in the next update. Fortnite’s community manager has already released a list of potential bug fixes for v8.20 on Reddit, meaning this could be fairly imminent, although there’s still no set date.

v buck generator One bug that’s not on this list, however, is this drum major emote exploit, which somehow allows players to march their way across lava totally unharmed. This could be pretty handy for The Floor is Lava, no?

In-keeping with the somewhat tropical theme of Season 8, the starter pack

A new starter pack is available in Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One and PC, bringing the previously leaked ‘Laguna’ skin and other cosmetic items, all for a set price – plus some bonus V-Bucks.


The starter pack was already available in some countries as of March 18, and is expected to be rolled out across all platforms on March 19. 

The contents of the starter pack were previously leaked, discovered in the game files following the v8.10 update, and the leaks have turned out to be accurate.

The main attraction of the starter pack is the exclusive Laguna skin.

In-keeping with the somewhat tropical theme of Season 8, the starter pack will include two pineapple inspired cosmetics, a back-bling and a wrap.

The ‘Pineapple’ wrap is pretty self-explanatory, and the back-bling is the ‘pineapple strummer’, a guitar with some fruity insignia. There’s also a bonus 600 V-Bucks in the pack.

The Laguna starter pack contents.

Buy Laguna starter pack in Fortnite

If you want the new skin and cosmetics, they will set you back £3.99 (expected to be $4.99 when available on US digital stores).

free v bucks generator To purchase the starter pack, you will need to head to the digital store of your platform, for example the PlayStation store if you are a PS4 player. There’s no rush on the purchase though, as the Laguna starter pack should remain available until the next pack is released, which will likely be a couple of months away.

Which platforms is it available on?

The starter pack was made available on PlayStation 4 and PC platforms on March 18, in some countries, and was expected to pop up in stores on March 19 – and that seem to have come to fruition. 

report from Fortnite Intel suggests that the new Fortnite cosmetics are also now available on Xbox One platform as well – as of March 19. 

However, the pack is yet to appear in the 

Fortnite Battle Royale” remains one of the world’s most popular games

Fortnite Battle Royale” remains one of the world’s most popular games. Epic, the maker of the lighthearted online shooter, reported that 10.7m players watched an in-game concert on February 2nd by Marshmello, a dj. Concurrent player numbers regularly exceed 7m. Netflix says it views “Fortnite” as more of a competitor than video-streaming rivals like Hulu or hbo. Epic, meanwhile, has set its sights on a new set of rivals: digital shopkeepers.

These days video games are mostly sold not in boxes but as digital downloads. On the pc, the market is dominated by Steam, an online store run by Valve, a reclusive American games developer. On Android, Google’s Play Store rules. Epic wants in.Get our daily newsletter

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Steam, the smaller of Epic’s targets, already has competitors, such as Good Old Games and digital stores run by big publishers such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. None has made much of a dent. Valve is privately owned, so reliable numbers are scarce. But Steam is thought to have around 290m users and 20,000 titles; its pcmarket share may be above 70%. It takes a 30% cut of each game sold. A conservative estimate puts Valve’s revenues in 2017 at $4.3bn, making the total market worth at least $13bn. Google’s Play Store is even bigger. Once again, the firm does not report detailed numbers. But according to one estimate from SensorTower, a market-intelligence firm, in 2018 total sales were $24.8bn, mostly from games. Like Valve, Google takes a 30% cut of every app sold.

Neither will be a walkover. Steam has social features that let gamers chat to friends and jump into games alongside them. The Play Store comes pre-installed on most Android phones (though it is not available in China). Both platforms benefit from “network effects” that reinforce their dominance. Developers face strong incentives to sell their games there because most other developers already do so, and users like having a one-stop shop.

Nevertheless, Epic makes a credible contender. It is part-owned by Tencent, a Chinese gaming goliath. “Fortnite v bucks generator” has earned it bucketfuls of cash, which have been topped up with a recent injection of $1.25bn from private equity. It also has plenty of experience. Besides making games, Epic sells its “Unreal” video-game engine, a prefabricated framework around which developers can construct their own products. That gives the firm a good understanding of what developers want.

Most important, it has “Fortnite”. Despite its popularity, the game is not available on either Steam or the Play Store. Gamers must instead download Epic’s own software if they want to play. The pc version now includes a shopfront where they can buy other games. Later this year Epic’s Android app will offer something similar.

Epic’s playbook recalls Steam’s own when it first started in 2003. Popular Valve games such as v buck generator “Counter-Strike” and “Half-Life 2” were bundled with Steam, providing an initial user base. Its 30% cut was a steal for developers compared with bricks-and-mortar shops. Epic plans to undercut Valve (and Google) in turn. It will charge developers just 12% and waive the 5% fee it levies on games that make use of “Unreal”.

When Does Fortnite Season 9 Begin?

The transition between Seasons 7 and 8 was almost seamless, so we can probably expect something similar between Seasons 8 and 9. But the actual Season 9 start date will obviously depend entirely upon when Epic Games decides to end Season 8.

We won’t know the official start date until Epic begins releasing a series of teaser images with accompanying text via Twitter, offering hints about new skins and themes for the next season. These usually begin three or four days before the start date.
People really love the banana outfit in ‘Fortnite’. Perhaps too much.

What Is the Fortnite Season 9 Theme?

Themes in Fortnite are inscrutable at best, and usually take the form of a teaser line. “Darkness rises” in Season 6 led to Fortnitemares. “You better watch out” in Season 7 led to a weird Christmas invasion and the Ice King’s arrival. For Season 8, “‘X’ marks the spot” translated to an all-out war for treasure between pirates, fire-dragon ninjas, and the ice king’s hordes. It’s always a confusing mess and only tangentially related to the current calendar season; fall focused on Halloween and winter on Christmas.

As of this writing, it’s still too early to get a grasp on what Season 8 is really all about, and there’s virtually no way to know how the coming weeks might reshape the Fortnite map to make way for a new theme by May.
We’ll be surprised if this hot volcano doesn’t melt all of the ice.

How Will the Map Change for Fortnite Season 9?

Each season, drastic cosmic or geological events, natural or otherwise, drastically change the geography of the island on which Fortnite: v buck generator Battle Royale is played. Once, a rocket enhanced by an alien ripped holes in space-time that still linger to this day. The aforementioned volcano totally altered the topography of the northeastern area of the island at the start of Season 8. Before that, a giant iceberg crashed into the southwest corner of the island to kick off Season 7, bringing with it a lot of snow.

It’s still very early to make predictions about what Season 9 might hold in terms of map changes, but given how closely the map alterations tend to mirror the real-world seasons, it’s highly likely that all of the snow will melt before the end of Season 8 to make way for a more summery Season 9 theme.
Everyone who wants a ‘Fortnite’ Premium Battle Pass needs some V-Bucks.

As the seasons have gone on, Epic Games has had a contentious relationship with the dataminers

As the seasons have gone on, Epic Games has had a contentious relationship with the dataminers that break open every single Fortnite: Battle Royaleupdate and try to piece together every single hint included within. On the one hand, they represent a certain hyper-engaged part of the community, on the other hand, they represent an inability to totally control the way that new content is announced and released. Legal notifications have been sent, creator codes denied, etc. But at the end of the day, some of this work just can’t be avoided: At a certain point, Epic has got to put some files on local hard drives. When that happens, dataminers are here to see what’s in them. And one of the most reliable things they tend to see is what the weekly challenges are going to be. Which is really just a long-winded way of saying that the Season 8, Week 2 challenges have leaked online.

As usual with leaked challenges, fortnite v bucks generator there’s always room to change. Sometimes new challenges pop up Thursday morning and sometimes new challenges pop up after a content patch, but by and large these lists are at least mostly accurate. So here’s what we’re working with, courtesy of the Fortnite Leaks subreddit. 

  • Deal damage to descending supply drops
  • Deal damage to opponents with a pirate cannon
  • Gain health from apples and medkits
  • Search a chest in different named locations in a single match
  • Eliminations in Salty Springs or Haunted Hills
  • Land at the block, dusty divot, polar peak, snobby shores and paradise palms
  • Visit the furthest north, south, east and west points of the island

Many of these are new, and new ones are usually the more likely to actually be legitimate. The only one here that seems like it may actually wind up on this weeks’ list is the one that asks you to gain health from apples and medkits: we’ve seen that before, and it was a yawn that time too. The rest are fairly bog standard, particularly the “eliminate people at a location” sort.

Dealing damage with a pirate cannon is going to be very tricky: pirate cannons only appear in certain locations, and you’re basically just going to have to hope that an enemy wanders by and that you’ve got the cannon trained on them when they do. Visiting the furthest north, south, east and west points of the island is a fun twist on the usual “visit a location” challenge. Mostly, it seems like this is an effort to fight against guide writers such as myself by giving challenges that people can more plausibly figure out on their own.